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Getting a Driver’s License Restored in Fredericksburg, Virginia for Those Declared Habitual Offenders by a Traffic Court or the DMV

Assisting people who have lost their driving privileges under the previous law

Although Virginia no longer classifies people as habitual offenders for traffic offenses, those previously designated as habitual offenders remain so until a petition to have their driving privileges is granted. Under prior law, Virginia drivers were labeled habitual offenders based on multiple offenses. Three major convictions in a 10-year period, such as DUI or driving without a license, sufficed. As an alternative, 12 minor convictions in a 10-year period, such as refusal to take a breath or blood test and operating an uninsured vehicle, could also result in being classified as a habitual offender. The result of being classified is that your license is revoked for an indefinite period of time. Woodbridge & Coleman, P.C. Attorneys at Law understands all the laws related to these offenses.

If a habitual offender gets behind the wheel and drives, the punishment can be severe. Driving as a habitual offender is a felony, unless it is your first violation and no person or property was endangered by your actions. Even a first-offense misdemeanor for a habitual offender leads to a mandatory minimum 10 days in jail and a fine of up to $2,500.

Instead of risking your personal freedom, facing substantial fines and serious felony consequences such as prison time, habitual offenders who want their driving privileges restored should seek legal counsel from an attorney. An experienced attorney can assist you in filing a petition with the appropriate court to have your license reinstated on a restricted or full basis. To succeed, it is necessary to provide evidence that you are no longer a threat on the roadway. You may also need to be evaluated by the Virginia Alcohol Safety Action Program.

When is a habitual offender eligible to have driving privileges restored?

The amount of time a habitual offender must wait before seeking to have a driver’s license reinstated depends on the violations that led to the habitual offender status. If your only violations are for failure to pay fines, judgments and not having proof of insurance or other financial accountability, you can have your full driving privileges restored by satisfying all unpaid fines and judgments against you. If you have other violations, the time period ranges from three to five years. The precise mix of violations affects the time period and whether you are eligible to have full or restricted privileges restored.

At Woodbridge & Coleman, P.C. Attorneys at Law we work with habitual offenders to have their driving privileges restored. Our goal is to help those in need of a second chance who demonstrate that they are ready to drive safely upon the roadways. We work with all habitual offenders, including those who are repeat DUI offenders.

Contact the driver’s license restoration attorneys in Fredericksburg, Virginia if your driving privileges have been revoked

At Woodbridge & Coleman, P.C. Attorneys at Law we provide a free initial consultation and work with habitual traffic offenders and others to reinstate their driving privileges. Our office is near public transportation in downtown Fredericksburg. Contact us online or call us at 540-373-5300. We serve clients throughout the city of Fredericksburg and Caroline, Spotsylvania, Stafford, King George, Prince William, Fairfax, Culpeper, Westmoreland and Hanover counties.