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Vigorous Representation of Assault, Battery and Other Violent Crimes Charges by Criminal Defense Lawyers in Fredericksburg, Virginia

Offering experienced legal counsel when your personal freedom is at stake

Violence is an unfortunate reality of daily life. It occurs for many reasons and in many situations. If you’ve been charged with a violent crime under federal or state law, it is vital to seek legal counsel from an experienced criminal defense lawyer. When you are charged with a violent crime, you need immediate assistance from an attorney familiar with the court system where your case is to be heard. The attorneys at Woodbridge & Coleman, P.C. Attorneys at Law are well known to prosecutors, judges and court personnel in the Fredericksburg, Virginia area.

Violent crimes stir public passions and typically require more time to investigate than other crimes. They also demand a disproportionate share of resources from the criminal justice system. Of greatest concern to those charged, violent criminal conduct can lead to the most severe penalties, including life imprisonment and death. Violent crimes include:

  • Assault and battery
    • Domestic violence/assault
  • Robbery
  • Rape
  •  Homicide
    • Capital murder
    • First-degree murder
    • Second-degree murder
    • Voluntary manslaughter
    • Involuntary manslaughter

At Woodbridge & Coleman, P.C. Attorneys at Law we defend clients charged with all types of violent crimes. In 2012, there were 316 murders in Virginia. We have the experience and background to handle any type of homicide, including capital murder cases. But our experience is broad, and we handle other violent crimes as well, including assault and battery, which has a much higher occurrence rate.

In Virginia, a simple assault and battery is a Class 1 misdemeanor. But the penalties for assault and battery become more substantial if the victim was selected because of race, religious conviction, color or national origin. In addition, felony charges can result if bodily injury occurs in connection with assault on a person who was selected because of race, religious conviction, color or national origin.

Other circumstances may also lead to felony charges in connection with assault and battery. For example, if the victim is a law enforcement officer, assault and battery becomes a Class 6 felony with a mandatory minimum six-month confinement. Assault and battery committed against a family member, including a spouse, is a Class 1 misdemeanor, but can also become a felony based on prior assaults.

Our job is to defend you against criminal charges, appearing in court whenever necessary. We protect your legal and constitutional rights and also offer defenses on your behalf. In assault and battery cases, self-defense and lack of intent to make contact with the victim are potential defense arguments. But each defense has legal limits. Among other things, for self-defense, you may only use a reasonable amount of force in responding to the situation.

If you were charged with criminal conduct involving the use or possession of a weapon, we can provide violent crimes defense. The penalties for committing a violent crime may be enhanced, and you may also face criminal weapon charges, so aggressive representation is crucial.

Contact violent crimes attorneys in Fredericksburg, Virginia for your defense

At Woodbridge & Coleman, P.C. Attorneys at Law we offer a free consultation if you are charged with criminal conduct. Our office is located in downtown Fredericksburg, near the court houses. Contact us online or call us at 540-373-5300. We serve clients throughout the city of Fredericksburg and Caroline, Spotsylvania, Stafford, King George, Prince William, Fairfax, Culpeper, Westmoreland and Hanover counties.